Our philosophy

Relationships, the key to learning

At Nature’s Nest each child’s emotional happiness and security is paramount. We are committed to maintaining a peaceful and unhurried environment where children can grow and nurture relationships with teachers, other children and the community. We know that when a child feels valued and empowered in their relationships at Nature’s Nest they become capable and inquisitive learners.

Celebrating each child and their journey

As children embark on their journey of learning and self-discovery we respect their identity and individuality by inspiring participation in a happy and secure environment. We support them to discover their strengths and realise their own dreams, hopes and passions by allowing their uniqueness to unfold in its own time and way.

Our whānau, our community

Along with the relationships we have with children, strong, positive connections with whānau and our wider community are the foundation of Nature’s Nest way of being. We acknowledge that children come from diverse backgrounds and recognise and respect their unique identities. We also respect the aspirations of each whānau, ensuring they are heard, followed and supported through close relationships with the team at Nature’s Nest.

Real life experiences

We provide real life, authentic experiences for children so that their natural patterns of playing and learning can take shape and the joy of wonder and curiosity can be fostered. We believe that through these real life experiences there are infinite opportunities for discovery, exploration and ‘learning whilst doing’.

The natural world is highly valued

We encourage children to grow a deep appreciation and respect for our natural world, weaving sustainable practices into daily experiences with the hope that we are nurturing future kaitiaki (earth guardians).

We are also committed to using recycled open ended items that can be ‘anything’ that the child perceives it to be. Creativity, problem solving, imagination and deep thinking are all supported through these recycled play resources.
Children are also encouraged to play outside in all types of weather as we believe being outdoors is a critical part of healthy development. Our Wild Woods is a natural space designed purely for children to just ‘be children’.

This philosophy is based on the collective and reflective thoughts and beliefs of the Nature’s Nest team.

Nature's Nest

 33 Glenmore Drive
(off Woodcocks Rd)
Ph: 09 425 0511